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Fee : RM 3,000

The programme aims to impart the core principles in hospitality equip you with the skills to craft experiences that will allow you to stay on top of trends and build a successful career in the hospitality industry.

Unleash your creative flair in making things happen and people skills with SEGi University's Executive Programme in Hospitality and Event Management. Within six months, gain holistic insights into the hospitality industry, including event planning, food service, hotel management, and service management, to prepare you for a career in the industry. For more information about this programme, how you can claim for HRDF and attain an accredited degree with a 30% credit transfer via APEL C, please contact [email protected] or call +603-6145 1788.

Programme Structure: 
Common Subjects Specialized Subjects
  • Introduction to the Hospitality and Event Industry
  • Cuisine Operation and Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Destination Development
  • Business and Hospitality Ethics
  • Accommodation Management

Introduction to the Hospitality and Event Industry

Course Objective
In this course, you will understand the various career opportunities in the rapidly growing sectors of the hospitality industry, provide a balanced view of all sectors of hospitality in various regions and diversity for the real world and determine factors that affecting to the change in hospitality and tourism industry.

Course Outcomes

  • Identify, assessed as well as distinguished various type, level and category of hospitality and tourism company in the field.
  • Critically analyzed, interpret and synthesized sensitivity on the microenvironment and macro-environment factors that affect hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Obtain relevant skills, information and knowledge to face current and future challenges in hospitality industry. Assessed and provide national, regional as well as international perspective for hospitality and tourism industry in future employment.

Cuisine Operation and Management

Course Objective
This course aims to help students prepare a wide range of foods ranging from Malaysians to Continental, Western and more. Providing the basic understanding of health and safety at work, and food science in the planning, preparation and cooking of food, as well as to provide an insight regarding the skills needed to become a successful chef – encompassing all aspects of the modern chefs. The skills acquired will provide students the foundation to function effectively in the planning, preparation and cooking according to market trends and consumer needs.

Course Outcomes

  • Apply food hygiene standard in the preparation and cooking of food.
  • Apply scientific knowledge and understanding of nutrition and its uses in recipes, health issues and eating and according to the needs of customers.
  • Demonstrate the ability to prepare and cook a wide variety of meals with ease of efficiency, putting together a good and healthy meal.
  • Comprehend basic cooking techniques and/or methods suitable for its use.

Hospitality Management

Course Objective
This module examines the hospitality management function as an organization’s source for sustainable, competitive advantage. It aims are to develop student’s competencies necessary to lead the ever-changing service industry workforce upon joining the industry. Secondly this increasingly diverse workforce requires managers to possess new skills to manage and develop the hospitality potential of an organization.

Course Outcomes

  • Critically interpret and evaluate different areas of business and management; relationships, application and importance of an integrated domestics and international framework.
  • Identify the markets and its operation of goods and service in its characteristics
  • To identify the difference of business cultures and its subsequent implications for management and the workforce, effective performance, within a team environment.

Tourism Destination Development

Course Objective
To provide the students to be equip with all the necessary knowledge in tourism planning and development inclusive of urban and regional planning, environmental design To provide a development on an appreciation of tourism requirement, consideration and planning process for any destination To provide tourists motivation and selection of specific destination

Business and Hospitality Ethics

Course Objective

  1. To introduce students to the concept of business ethics & perspectives.
  2. To encourage students to consider the application and importance of ethical concepts to business practice worldwide.
  3. To encourage students to develop and defend their own perspectives on ethical issues.

Course Outcomes

  • Student will be able to determine the role of managers in setting standards for ethical behavior.
  • Student will be able to discuss the ethical theories, concepts and practices related to the business.
  • Student will be able to analyze the ethical dilemmas in business and resolve the practical problems.

Accommodation Management (coming soon)

Study Mode: 
Entry Requirements: 

Anyone can enrol

Career Opportunities: 

Be ready for career opportunities in the rapidly growing Hospitality sectors with SEGi's Executive Programme, which will prepare you to identify the Core Competence to remain in the current field.