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The admission into SEGi University for a programme under the Professional and Continuing Education System (“PACE”) is subject to the following terms and conditions:


Unless otherwise defined herein, the following expressions shall have the definitions set out below:

Programme : Any programme or course of whatever duration offered by and delivered by SEGi University through PACE
Programme Subject : The courses or subjects within a Programme
SEGi : Refers to SEGi University
Working days : All references to working days herein mean a day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) on which banks are open for business in Malaysia


  1. All fees and/or charges payable with respect to the Programme undertaken must be paid in full by the due date. No fees should be paid to anyone except to SEGi itself. No agent has been authorize to collect fees on SEGi’s behalf and SEGi will not be responsible to anyone for any monies paid to any other party other than SEGi.

    Fee payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank draft and credit card. Students need to quote their name and Student number (where available) when making payment.

  2. Refund of Tuition Fees and/or charges

    All (i) Tuition Fees, (ii) e-Resources fees, (iii) application, registration, administration, and other fees/charges (e.g. insurance premiums) (“Administrative Charges”) paid are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless the Student’s written request for refund (by completing and submitting the Refund Form) is approved by the Registrar and shall be subject to the following conditions (unless waived by the Registrar):

    2A. Where a Student wishes to withdraw from commencing his Programme or discontinue studying his Programme:

    Tuition Fees

    • There shall be no refund of Tuition Fees allocated as the value of the Tuition Fees for Programme Subjects taken* by the Student in that running semester. Only the balance**, if there is any, not exceeding an amount equivalent to 50% of that academic year’s value of Tuition Fees, is refundable.


      * : A Programme Subject is regarded as taken by the Student if (i) the Student has registered for the Programme Subject; (ii) the semester in which that Programme Subject is to be delivered has commenced.

      **:i.e. Tuition Fees allocated as value (or part of the value) of the Tuition Fees for Programme Subjects to be taken in future semester(s).

    • In the event there shall be any shortfall between the Tuition Fees paid and the actual amount in Tuition Fees utilised by the Student, there shall be no refund and the Student shall be required to pay the shortfall notified to the Student.

    2B.Where a Student wishes to defer his Programme:

    • Under special circumstances, the Student may request in writing to defer the Programme, but subject to approval of Registrar, and the Student is not allowed to defer for more than one (1) year from when he first registered for the Programme.

    • Where a deferment is approved in the manner stated at paragraph 2B (a) above, one hundred percent (100%) of the unutilised Tuition Fees, e-Resources fees, and Administration Fees so paid shall not be refunded but shall be held by SEGi and will be credited (without any interest accruing) towards the payment of the fees and/or charges payable when the Student shall take the deferred Programme.

    • SEGi may require the Student to top-up any shortfall in fees and/or charges should the fees and/or charges increase at the point in time when the Student re-takes his Programme.

    • During the period of a Student’s deferment of a Programme, SEGi reserves the right to make any changes or modification to the Programme including changes to the Programme design, structure, content, mode of delivery or even discontinuing parts of or the entire Programme without incurring any liability against the Student. Where changes to the Programme do not differ materially from the Programme offered to the Student prior to deferment, the Student shall agree to take/continue the Programme in its modified state. In the event changes to the Programme render the Programme materially different from what was offered to the Student prior to deferment, or if the Programme is discontinued entirely, SEGi shall be entitled to discharge the Student from the Programme and refund monies paid in accordance to the refund policies.

  3. For the avoidance of doubt, all monies paid to any third party (if any) e.g to another educational institution or certifying body (e.g if there is a dual award or certificate) or collected by SEGi on behalf of another educational institution or certifying body shall be subject to the refund policy of that other entity. SEGi shall bear no responsibility or duty to obtain any refund on behalf of the Student from that educational institution or certifying body.

  4. In the event of non-payment or late payment of any fees or any part thereof without prior written approval from the Registrar, SEGi has the right without further notice, to charge as administrative expenses of RM 1.00 each day from the date of default until date of settlement of the fees and/or to bar the Student from using its facilities, on-line access and/or withholding examination results transcripts or certificates and/or suspend provision of any services, and/or take such action as it deems appropriate.

  5. If the fees and/or charges paid exceed the amount payable for a semester, the additional amount paid will be credited (without any interest accruing) towards the payment for the next semester. A refund of the additional amount of fees and/or charges paid will not be made until the completion of the Programme or unless the Student withdraws from commencing or discontinues studying the Programme (where refund will be conducted in accordance to paragraph 2 and 3 above). The additional amount of fees paid will be refunded, free of interest. The Student must fill in the Refund Form for approval by SEGi to claim the refund within 60 days from the Student leaving the Programme or else the amount will be forfeited by SEGi.

  6. Outstation cheques must include bank commission of 0.03% (or as varied by the bank from time to time) of the cheque amount or a minimum of RM0.50, whichever is the greater.

  7. In the event of a Student wishing to change the Programme, the Student shall be required to make the request in writing to the Registrar. No change of Programme will be allowed unless the prior approval by the Registrar is obtained. The amount of Tuition Fees, and Administrative Charges paid for the first Programme shall be transferable to the second Programme subject to the following conditions:

    • The Student shall be required to top-up the Tuition Fees if there is a shortfall for the second Programme. SEGi shall be entitled to request the Student to pay Administrative Charges for the second Programme, if required.

    • All Administrative Charges paid in relation to the first Programme shall not be refundable nor credited towards payment for the second Programme.


The Student may be accepted to SEGi via actual results, evidenced by certified true copies of academic transcripts.

If the Student is accepted with conditions, the conditions must be met by the stipulated date, failing which, the Student may be required to leave SEGi upon request and paragraphs 2 to 6 above shall apply respectively for the refund or top up of any shortfall of fees and/or charges. Tuition Fees which are refundable shall be refunded free of interest, less any deduction for damage and/loss suffered by SEGi due to any fault of the Student (e.g. damage to property, etc). Administrative Charges and e-Resources fees are non-refundable.


In the event SEGi is of the opinion that it is not viable for whatever reasons, to commence any proposed Programmes or Programme subjects/courses, SEGi reserves the right not to commence, discontinue or defer the commencement of such Programmes or Programme subjects/courses. Appropriate refund, free of interest, shall be made if a Programme is discontinued.


The completion of each year/level of the Programme does not necessarily give the Student automatic progression in the same Programme or admission or transfer into another Programme in SEGi. The Student shall be required to comply with the enrolment, progression or transfer requirements and procedures stipulated by SEGi or (if applicable) any partner university, or educational institution or certifying body from time to time.


All letters, receipts, invoices, notices and other correspondences to the Student (where applicable including to person(s) concerned over the Students’ wellbeing, welfare, progress of Students’ studies such as parents, family members, embassies or consulates of the Students’ home country (“Concern Person”) shall be deemed sufficiently served if delivered,

  1. by hand to the Student (and, where applicable, to the Concern Person); or
  2. by registered post to the Student (and, where applicable, to the Concern Person) at the last known correspondence address;

and shall be deemed to have been received by the Student (and, where applicable, by the Concern Person) upon delivery if delivered by hand to the Student (and, where applicable, to the Concern Person) or within five (5) working days of postage if delivered by post.

Where appropriate or deemed expeditious, SEGi may correspond with Students (and, where applicable, with the Concern Person) by way of electronic mail and may follow up on important notices by sending the written notice by hand to the Student or by registered post to the Student (and, where applicable, to the Concern Person).


It is the duty and responsibility of the Student to obtain the relevant pass/visa/permission from the immigration authorities to study in Malaysia (for international students studying in Malaysia) or to study or train/continue studies or training outside Malaysia (for SEGi Students transferring to another educational institution, undergoing practicum outside Malaysia, etc)

International Students studying in Malaysia must abide by the rules, directions and advise provided by SEGi (including by the department in charge of International Student affairs) and SEGi shall not be responsible for any breach by Students resulting in immigration action being taken against the Student.


In addition to these Terms and Conditions on Admission, the Student must comply with and abide by the relevant laws and regulations, SEGi’s Constitution, Rules and Regulations, Student Handbook and other directions, rulings and decisions of SEGi, its lecturers, tutors and administrators (including rules of conduct and discipline, rules applicable to International Students, rules on facility usage, e.g hostel rules, car park rules, library rules, labarotary rules, etc) (“Student Rules”). In the event of non-compliance by the Student of any relevant laws and regulations, Student Rules or these Terms and Conditions on Admission, SEGi shall reserve the rights to take such action it deems necessary against the Student including disciplinary action and/or barring the Student from using its facilities and/or attending classes and/or withholding the submission of answer scripts/assignment for marking, or withholding examination results, transcripts, or certificates and/or suspend provision of any service and/or take such action as it deems appropriate.

If the Student is registered for any Programme with any other educational institution or certifying body via SEGi, the Student must also comply with and abide by the rules and regulations, student handbook, other terms and conditions, directions, rulings and decisions of that institution or body.

The processing of personal data will be in accordance to SEGi Privacy Policy and Students must take note of the SEGi’s Privacy Notice and Privacy Policy (available at www.pace.edu.my).


SEGi reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend, vary or modify any or all fees and/or charges including (and not limited to) the Examination Fees and Re-take/Re-sit/Repeat Fees, certificate fees, transcript fees, endorsement fees from time to time, without notice. Any errors or omissions in fee schedules given to students (if any) are excepted.

SEGi reserves the right at its absolute discretion, to vary or disapply any of these Terms and Conditions on Admission and the Student Rules without notice.