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This course provides students the basic knowledge in design principles, which are vital and necessary for building up their visual perception. Besides understanding the basic theoretical part of design, this course also inculcates students with sharp observation and good sense in art and design. The study of design principles will lead to the development of idea and concept. This course involves students’ practical exercises and theoretical analysis as well as research and survey based on the case study

Note: Subject relates to Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Visual Communication Design

** indicates that these programmes will be offered soon

Programme Fee

Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the SEGiUniDigital Platform. 

Creative Arts & Design
Entry Requirements: 

Age Experience - 19 Years Above 
Language Proficiency - Yes 
Prerequisites - No

  1. Introduction to Design Fundamentals
  2. Art vs Design : The Differences
  3. Design Elements
  4. Principles of Design
  5. Gestalt Theory
  6. Colour Studies (Part 1)
  7. Colour Studies (Part 2)
  8. Introduction to 2D Art
  9. Introduction to 3D Art
  10. Visual Language and Solutions
  11. Relationship of Image and Type
  12. Influences and Creative Elements
  13. Evolution to Graphic Design
  14. Finished Art (FA)

Assignment - 60%
Final Assesment - 40%

Continuing Education: 

Upon the completion of this programme, student is eligible to enroll into Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Visual Communication Design

Career Opportunities: 

1. Art Director
2. Creative Director