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"I checked out many private institutions of higher learning before signing up with SEGi University Online (SUOL). I find that SUOL’s learning method best suited my needs, offering online distance learning. Thanks to SUOL, I did not have to put my career on hold for the sake of education. The guidance received from lecturers via the blended teaching approach was also added bonus which contributed greatly to my success."

Yap Kok Keong (BBM) (Graduated: 2018)





“I find the SEGi University Online (SUOL)’s Executive Diploma in Business Administration programme which emphasises on blended approach suitable for a working adult like me as it gives me the opportunity to study at my own pace, anytime, anywhere.”

Kelly Fong (EDIBA) (Graduated: 2018)



"Having been skipped for promotions due to lack of paper qualifications, Sharon began to feel stagnant in her career growth. She found SEGi University Online (SUOL)’s Executive Diploma in Business Administration suited her needs best as a busy working mother to two young children. With the flexibility to study at her own time and pace, she embarked on this journey which has helped her to gain more confidence and gave her more insights to resolve work issues. Sharon’s advice to other working adults: “Just do it. You will feel satisfied when you complete it. The sacrifices are just temporary. The longer and more excuses you give yourself, the longer you will suffer. So just stay focus and do it once and for all."

Sharon Pang (EDIBA) (Graduated: 2019)


"It is a very flexible and convenient study plan for busy ‘working mom’ like me, especially having to juggle my time between my big family of 5 children, managing the kindergarten and study. SEGi University Online (SUOL) has allowed me to study and prepare my assignments according to my time and pace coupled with the less stressful open book exams."

Kaethie Tan (DECE) (Graduated 2019)


"The programme had flexible study options like weekend classes and an online application that allowed us to learn independently. We were able to bounce ideas off each other and strengthen our research findings from different perspectives. The MBA has widened our knowledge and skills in the field of general management so that we are able to perform better at our respective workplaces and pave the way for us to start our own business in the near future. "

Sim Cheng Wui & Ng Lai Chuen (MBA GM) – Husband and Wife team
(Graduated: 2019)


Last updated 23rd August 2021