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Students will be taught on the corporate financial objectives, its functions, short-term and long-term capital structure, capital gain strategy, cost and capital management, financial ratio analysis and also the role of IT in facilitating financial and capital operations.

Note: Subject relates to Diploma in Accounting

Programme Fee

Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the SEGiUniDigital Platform. 

Business & Accounting
  1. Finance Objectives And Functions
  2. Sources Of Finance
  3. Cost Of Capital
  4. Risk & Return
  5. Financial Ratio Analysis
  6. Financial Planning Tools

Midterm - 20%
Assignment 2 - 30%
Final Examination - 50%

Credit Transfer: 
Upon successful completion of this Micro-credential certification in Finance (DIA), students will be able to transfer grades and credits into the following programme(s):
  1. Diploma in Accounting
Continuing Education: 

Upon successful completion of this Diploma in Accounting programme and meeting the necessary entry requirements, students will be able to progress into the following programme(s):

  1. Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (BAF)
  2. Bachelor of Business Management(BBM)
Career Opportunities: 

Students will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of finance by performing competitive analyses to achieve the firm's goals.