fbpx Micro-Credential in Food and Beverage Operation DHFB2234 (DiHM) ** | SEGiUniDigital

This programme introduces students to the knowledge of food and beverage operations. It includes the service areas, different types of equipment used in the restaurant, and types of menus and beverages. Students will have in-depth knowledge of interpersonal and technical service skills.

** indicates that these programmes will be offered soon

Programme Fee

Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the SEGiUniDigital Platform. 

Entry Requirements: 

Entry Requirements - No 
Min. Age Requirement - 19 Years Old and Above 
Language Proficiency - Yes 
Numeracy Proficiency - No 
Prerequisites - No

  1. Introduction to Food & Beverage Service 
  2. Product / Menu Knowledge 
  3. Food Service Equipment 
  4. Food Service Preparation 
  5. The Preliminaries Food Service Procedures 
  6. Taking Orders & Correcting Cover 
  7. Plate Service 
  8. Other Food Service Procedures 
  9. Other Forms of Service 
  10. Beverage Equipment & Service Knowledge 
  11. Beverage Product Knowledge 
  12. End of Service Procedures

 Industry Assessment - 60%
 Final Report - 20%
 Presentation - 20%

Career Opportunities: 

With a great understanding of the hospitality industry through this programme, you can excel in areas such as hotels, restaurants, catering, retailing and the cruise industry.