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The Diploma of Mass Communication is a comprehensive and focused program designed to provide students with essential skills and knowledge in the field of media and communication. This diploma aims to equip students with a fundamental understanding of communication theories, media production techniques, and the art of conveying messages effectively to various audiences. It is a perfect entry point for individuals looking to kickstart their career in the dynamic world of media and communication.

Programme Fee

Awarding Body: 

This programme is designed, delivered, assessed and awarded by SEGi University through the SEGiUniDigital Platform. 

Communication Studies
Entry Requirements: 


i. A pass in senior high school or its equivalent with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in any 3 subjects and a credit in English at O level or its equivalent;           

ii. A pass in SKM level 3 and pass senior high school with a credit in English

iii Certificate or its equivalent and a credit in English.

iv A Certificate in Media and Communication or its equivalent

Programme Structure: 
Year 1
  • LEA3163 Academic English
  • KMC2253 Business Communication
  • KMC2104 Journalism
  • KMC2173 Public Relations
  • KMC2093 Introduction to Mass Communication
  • MPU2132 Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • MPU2432 Sustainability Thinking
  • General Language Training
  • KMC2274 Advertising Principles
  • KMC2133 Media Studies
  • KMC2303 Fundamental Photography
  • KMC2263 Principles of Marketing
  • KMC2283 Copywriting
  • KMC2243 Decision Making Skills
  • MPU2222 Presentation Skills
Year 2
  • News Reporting
  • Film Appreciation
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Videography
  • Documentary and Photojournalism
  • Internship/Industrial Training
  • Visual Analysis
  • Communication and Scholarship
  • Communication Research
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Final Year Project
Continuing Education: 
Upon successful completion of this Diploma in Mass Communication programme and meeting the necessary entry requirements, students will be able to progress into the following programme(s):
  1. Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons)
Career Opportunities: 

Upon completion of the Diploma in Mass Communication, students are well-prepared to embark on diverse career paths in the field of media and communication. They can excel as aspiring journalists, taking on roles as reporters, editors, or multimedia content creators. Additionally, they have the opportunity to thrive in the realm of broadcasting, whether as on-air talent, producers, or skilled professionals working behind the scenes in television and radio. The program equips them with the fundamental skills necessary for roles in public relations and advertising, enabling them to craft persuasive narratives and manage brand image effectively.